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Our Story


“Khasiyat Bazaar” is an offshoot of its television production wing M/s Devaswwa Productions. Devaswwa Productions, has been involved in the production of regional TV shows for more than a decade now. The main forte and expertise of M/s Devaswwa Productions so far has been in the production of cookery shows, producing most popular cookery shows such as “Mejwani – Paripoorna Kitchen” for Colors Marathi and “Rasoi Show” for Colors Gujarati. Currently it is also producing popular YouTube channels Masteer Recipes, Masteer Recipes Hindi and Damle Uvach. There is a famous quote by Alice Seybold, ‘Sometimes the dreams that come true are the dreams you never even knew you had’, same thing happened with the core team of ‘Khasiyat Bazaar” headed by its founding member Suhas Jahagirdar, founding member Shweta Bidkar and Executive Manager Rajesh Dhotre. They were happily and passionately busy with accomplishing the ever-challenging task of TV production, completely oblivious of the fact that in the near future they are going to be instrumental in creating one of the most trusted brands of traditional and healthy kitchenware.
The journey began while producing the cookery shows, when the team understood the importance of kitchenware in our everyday life and the deep lifelong impact that it creates on our physical and mental health. Soon, this revelation turned into passion followed by a research and study of finding the correlation between human health and kitchenware. The seriousness of the issue aggravated when the team realized that, what most of us have adopted in the name of modern and comfortable lifestyle is in fact harming us more than providing any true comforts. But then, these are the products that you find everywhere! These are the products that have occupied a prominent place on our kitchen racks! And moreover, we are unaware of the damage it is causing us! The answer to this bugging question was met when the team got introduced to the treasure trove of traditional Indian kitchenware made of earthenware, copper, iron, brass and bronze. The kitchenware that was once a part of our everyday life is either gathering a dust on our lofts or is sold out! Once the team realized the immense importance, positive impact and health benefits of traditional Indian kitchenware, the first obvious step was to spread across the message through its platform ‘Masteer Recipes’. As the message got louder and louder the realization started setting in and enquiries started pouring in! The team decided to take up the challenge of answering all the queries and making the products available to one and all! The search began to find out the authentic, genuine and best quality products.
Most of these products are handmade by artisans spread across the country with traditional methods. Our shift from this traditional Indian kitchenware to modern kitchenware has already impacted the lives of these artisans immensely, resulting in the dwindling number of these artisans. The team started sourcing authentic and best quality products from various sources and that is how an entire store of healthy, beautiful and shimmering kitchenware began!