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Tope / Pital Patila Hammered (3 piece Set) -KB005

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Pital with tin lining is a highly recommended utensil by Ayurveda for cooking food and many modern researches have endorsed the results
This Pital tope / patila is made with best quality Pital and lined with best quality tin, because it is tin lined it is not only safe for all types of food but it also lends additional health benefits of tin, a double bonanza!
This is a set of 3 different sizes roughly 8,9 and 10 inches in diameter for the comfort of different needs of cooking

  • Small Size Diameter: 7.9 inches / Depth: 3.5 inches / Weight: 0.480 Kg / Capacity: 2 Lit
  • Medium Size Diameter: 8.75 inches / Depth: 4 inches / Weight: 0.560 Kg / Capacity: 2.25 Lit
  • Big Size Diameter: 9.25 inches / Depth: 4.25 inches / Weight: 0.695 Kg / Capacity: 3 Lit
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Introduction: Let’s compare the modern non-stick and stainless steel utensils vs the traditional Pital utensils. The traditional Pital utensils outscore the modern utensils on all fronts. Take for example the Pital tope patila set with kalai or tin lining on its interior surface. This utensil was used by Indians and the world over for hundreds of years. Many generations were benefitted from its immense health benefits.

The best quality of the Pital tope patila set is, it keeps the nutrients of food intact up to almost 93%. As compared to other alternatives such as stainless steel which can retain nutrients up to 60% and other metals fall way below this mark. The Pital tope patila is also a good conductor of heat resulting in even and uniform cooking.

Criticism: It’s usually criticized that the tin has a low melting point. Which is true! Nevertheless, it is important to note that Indian cooking is however cooked on low or medium flame. Food cooked on high flame is neither suitable nor recommended for traditional Indian recipes. Moreover, tin has immense health benefits. On the other hand, the Teflon coating on the non-stick utensils is hazardous for health.

Pital with tin lining is the highly recommended utensil by Ayurveda!! Many modern researchers are endorsing the benefits.
The supreme quality of this Pital tope / patila set is that it is lined with the best quality of tin and Pital. It is not only safe for all types of food contents but also provides additional health benefits, a double bonanza!

Howsoever, if the tin coating on the Pital tope patila set erodes, no worries: it can be coated again! Pital is a very good conductor of heat and spreads the heat evenly throughout the surface, resulting in the best cooking. Works best when food is cooked on slow flame.

Food cooked in Pital utensils enhances the content of the food and the taste of the food lingers in your mouth for a long while, so, it is advisable that one must opt for Pital utensils. The food tastes so much better when cooked in Pital utensils.

This is a set of 3 different sizes roughly 8,9 and 10 inches in diameter for the comfort of different needs of cooking.

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