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Kansa Massage Wand / Bronze Capped face massager - KB509

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The domed tool is made of Kansa, a sacred bronze recognized in India as a healing metal. The smooth metal heats up as it is massaged into the skin. It’s been used for centuries to relieve stress, enhance health, increase energy, and leave skin glowing In Ayurvedic medicine, the Kansa wand is thought to balance the three doshas of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Imbalance of the doshas (energies that make up every individual) is thought to cause a wide range of health issues. Massaging the face with the Kansa wand reduces stress and calms the mind to bring balance to your energies According to Ayurveda, the long strokes from the metal surface of the Kansa wand can draw acidity away from the skin. Normalizing the pH of skin can alleviate problems such as acne and inflammation There is a remarkable change in the tissue of the skin, and that is due to the Kansa being a fantastic carrier of electricity. Because our bodies are electromagnetic Kansa works with our own electromagnetism and enhances it bringing more charge and vitality to the face.  
Diameter (Inches) 2 (Bronze Cap diameter)x 5.6    Depth (Inches)    
Weight 0.140 (Kg)  

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The reported benefits of Ayurvedic Kansa Massage include the Revitalization of head, neck, and shoulder muscles. Reduced pain in the head and face. Lifting of skin on the face (natural rejuvenation) Easing muscle tension  Detoxification Unification of mind, body, and spirit Easier to fall into deep, restorative sleep at night Improving problems related to poor circulation         The Face and Body wand can be used by anyone. As a home self-help tool, there is really no way to use it wrong! Rub it gently over the surfaces you would like to focus on and see light, energy, and wellness radiate  

Health Benefits  

Take any facial herbal oil or cow ghee or coconut oil and apply it gently on your face Use the Kansa wand in the morning or evening after applying facial oil Forehead: Starting in the middle of the forehead move the wand in clockwise spirals, followed by zig-zag up and down movements before finishing with a gentle side to side strokes.    
The temple hollows respond best to gentle circular motions                 
Eyes: Apply gentle pressure to the eye socket bone area in an anti-clockwise then clockwise motion       
Cheekbones: Use circular motion in an anti-clockwise direction followed by a clockwise direction            
Cheeks: Circular massage over cheeks and jaw joints Jawline: Move from the middle of the chin toward the ear with upward and outward friction strokes. Use downward strokes that only just touch the skin                   
Chin: Move the wand in small clockwise circles around the  chin area          
Mouth: Apply anti-clockwise then clockwise circles over the entire mouth area.  

Artistic Value  

The process of manufacturing Kansa products is transmitted orally from father to son. Metalwork is not simply a form of livelihood for many of the craftsmen who live marginally but carry forward the intricate craft. Their system defines their family and kinship structure, work ethic, and status within the social hierarchy of the town.  

Traditional Value  

With a history of over 5,000 years, the ancient ayurvedic system allows us to lead a mentally sound, healthy, and disease-free life. It has got a wide range of healing techniques to achieve physical, mental, and psychological health benefits. This relaxing treatment is done on the face but provides benefits to the mind and body. This is a unique treatment to stimulate the vital nerves and then terminates to the feet.  

Method 1: Lemon and Salt Together lemon and salt are the most dependable solution to clean bronze/kansa utensils Process: Either you can use the lemon/lime slice with juice, or you can use the squeezed lemon slice. Dip the lemon/lime slice in salt and rub it all over the surface of copper vessel (you will see the change in color) Keep it for few seconds and rinse it with water. Only if the utensil is greasy use mild detergent Dry immediately with clean cloth Method 2: Tamarind Paste Apply tamarind paste all over the brass vessel. Leave it for few seconds and rinse and dry it. Only if the utensil is greasy use mild detergent. Method 3: Prepare salt and vinegar solution paste. Apply it to the surface of the vessel. keep t for a few seconds. (make sure the solution does not dry) Rinse the vessel and dry it. Last but the easiest way of maintaining your traditional vessels is by using Pitambari.

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