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Fruit Bowl / Fruit Basket / Puja Basket / Decorative Basket (Peacock Feather Design)KB033

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If you are looking for a fancy fruit bowl that can match the classy style of your home/office decor, then take a good look at this Brass Fruit Bowl from Indian Reverie. The stunning perforated floral design makes it a desirable product indeed. The shimmering look will be retained for years with a little care. The depth of the bowl will hold several fruits/dry fruits/chocolates at a time so that you can choose your favorite one from the heap. It can also be considered as a wonderful gift.     

Weight 0.460 (Kg)     

Diameter (Inches) 9  x Depth (Inches) 3  

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The brass fruit bowl is popularly used to keep fruits or flowers inside it and it is used to decorate by placing the brass bowl on a table or teapoy. These can be used for pooja on any occasion or can also be used as an important accessory of utensils. Since it is manufactured using brass, it becomes easier to clean after use and regular use does not affect its design and quality at all. So, grab one for yourself or for your loved ones, now. Pooja baskets are widely used to carry materials of worship like flowers, camphor, agarbathis, fruits and oil.  


Health Benefits   

Brass has an anti micro bacterial quality, hence keeping hazardous bacteria and viruses at bay    

Artistic Value  

Most of the brass utensils are still handmade, hence it requires skilled artisans to make these utensils. The livelihood of all these artists depends solely on the earnings from these products With every passing year the number of skilled artisans is dwindling considerably. Every product is exquisitely handcrafted one piece at a time. Slight variations are inherent to handmade products, which makes your purchase truly special and one-of-a-kind.    

Traditional Value  

Brass Fruit Bowl. Brass is the finest gift given by our ancestors. Brass is used for multifarious purposes like ornaments, sculptures, and utensils. Brass has been opted as utensils as they are firm and unbreakable. In addition, brass utensils like brass bowls do not loose glaze for longer periods of time. Bowls made up of brass are fire resistant and heat as well. Also, brass bowls are easily carved and shaped in different patterns. Brass bowls are used for many purposes in our lives. Brass bowls are the nicest traditional utensils for keeping edible things. Brass bowls are used for grinding herbs as well. These bowls are very glary and can be used for decorative purposes as well. Brass bowls look very nice and hence are common gifts in marriage and many other ceremonies.  

Cleaning Instructions: Brass is a mixture of copper and zinc metals. So after a period of time Brass reacts with open air or oxygen and generally gets oxidized or tarnishes and might turn black or green. Here are some ways that might help you to maintain Brass products well. 1. Pitambari Powder is the best and traditional way to clean the brass items. 2. Vinegar with a combination of Salt can be applied and cleaned or otherwise the brass product that is to be cleaned can be immersed in a solution of Vinegar and salt in boiling water. 3. Lemon and salt mixed together can be rubbed to clean the product and salt can also be replaced with Baking Soda. Things To Be Avoided: Brass does not react well with acidic liquids. Avoid all liquids other than cold and room temperature water.

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