Bread Dahi Vada



1 10 bread slices

250 gm. curd

Oil to fry

Salt and black pepper to taste 5 1/2 tea spoon  red chili powder

1/2 tea spoon  amchur powder

Chopped mint leaves

A pinch of Jeera powder 9. Tbsp. Anardana




Remove the brown portion from all slices.

Soak these in water and squeeze.

Then mix mashed paneer in soaked bread slices.

Add a pinch of salt and amchoor. Make small-sized balls, flatten and deep fry till light brown.

Remove from oil and soak in warm water for 10 minutes. Squeeze and keep aside.

Beat the curd. Then add salt and chili powder. Pour over the vadas and decorate with mint, Jeera powder and Anardana.



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