Pure Copper Tope / Patila (With Kalhai / Tin Lining)

Ayurveda recommends a simple, practical and effective method of drinking water in its most holistic way – drinking water from a copper vessel When water is kept for a specific time period in the copper vessel, it kills the undesirable bacteria and viruses and the resultant water gets charged with the health benefitting qualities of the copper.
Copper Water Jugs are recommended by our ancestors to store drinking water. The copper-infused water helps detox and cleanse the stomach to ensure proper elimination of waste and toxins from the body.

Small size Diameter: 7 inches / Depth: 3 inches / Weight: 0.508 Kg

Big size Diameter: 9.5 inches / Depth: 4.5 inches / Weight: 1.770 Kg




Copper with tin lining is a highly recommended utensil by Ayurveda for cooking food and many modern researches have endorsed the results This copper tope is made with best quality copper and lined with best quality tin, because it is tin lined it is not only safe for all types of food but it also lends additional health benefits of tin, a double bonanza!
This tope needs to be tin lined again when the tin lining erodes
This is best for cooking all types of vegetables, dals and meat and retains the nutrients of food intact Copper is a very good conductor of heat and spreads the heat eveny throughout it’s surface resulting in best possible cooking Works best when cooked slowly
If you want the taste of the food to remain and linger in your mouth, then one must opt for copper utensils. The food tastes so much better when cooked in copper utensils.

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7" X 3", 9.5" X 4.5"


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