Magic Filter for Cooking Oil

How to clean: Once used, wash well with warm water. After every couple of weeks dismantle the filter and clean it well so as to remove soap particles

Precaution: Do not filter boiling oil

Keep filter away from hot utensils and gas burner

Use soft sponge or cloth for cleaning filter

Keep filter in clean and dry place and safe from rodents

If these precautions are taken filter can be used for longer period of time




This is a filter that can filter hot oil or ghee. After frying, keep the boiling oil for 10-15 minutes for cooling (Let the temperature reduce to 150-160 degrees centigrade) and then filter it using this magic filter. While frying, some food particles get burned and spoil the oil if they remain in oil. When we filter the oil through this magic filter all such particles are removed from oil and oil gets clean and better for reuse.


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