Fry Powder – Eat Fried Food and remain healthy

Benefits of Fry Powder while cooking fried food

  1. It is a natural organic product
  2. Fried food becomes healthier (Less oily)
  3. Gives golden color and crispiness to food
  4. It retains the quality of oil hence if filtered with magic filter same oil can be used again
  5. Creates less smoke while cooking
  6. Increased shelf life of food
  7. Reduces consumption of oil and gas

Benefits of Fry Powder while making ghee

  1. Reduces consumption of gas
  2. Overall quality of ghee is much better
  3. If immediately filtered with magic filter you get more quantity of ghee than usual

Qty. 20 grams




This Oil Management Program plays an important role in bringing about a balance in tasty and healthy eating, particularly in case of fried products. It helps in frying at lower temperature which distinctly reduces toxins that are harmful and simultaneously helps make superior quality fried food. It is a great help for improving environment for the workers and housewives by reducing smoke and fumes in the kitchen.

How to use: For half Kg of oil, put 1 table spoon ( 1 gram) of fry powder 2 minutes before frying. For making ghee from 1 Kg butter, put 1 table spoon ( 1 gram) of fry powder once it is hot.


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