Best Quality Brass Urli / Ghangal / Flower Bowl

In traditional Indian cuisine, the handi pot is used to cook dry dishes like biryani and then to bring them to the table for serving. Like antique handi pots, this copper Serveware and serving bowl is fully handcrafted with painstaking attention to detail to ensure quality and longevity. The Handmade Indian Copper Handi Pot features a highly durable tin lining that won’t be affected by the acid in tomatoes and other foods. Outside the pot, a luxurious copper surface with a hammered finish adds warmth and texture to the design of the Serveware.

  1. Small Diameter: 10 inches / Depth: 3.75 inches
  2. Medium Diameter: 14 inches / Depth: 4.25 inches
  3. Big Diameter: 18 inches / Depth: 4.5 inches




This is a large brass cooking pot from Southern India known locally as an uruli. Pots were placed directly on a fire and large meals were prepared for special events. Nowadays because of its beautiful form it is used as a decorative element in households, it occupies a place of interest in the living room or at the entrance to a home & is filled with fragrant, colourful fresh flowers or is filled with water in which floating candles or flowers are dispersed aesthetically
This elegant urli has been made using high quality brass known for it’s beauty & long term durability. Perfect to display floating candles, this brass urli is bound to make your home come alive during festivals such as Diwali. Be it for your Diwali gifting or decor needs, this urli is sure to fit in..

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