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Urli / Ghangal / Flower Bowl-KB031

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This is a large brass cooking pot from Southern India known locally as an uruli. Pots were placed directly on a fire and large meals were prepared for special events. Nowadays because of its beautiful form it is used as a decorative element in households, it occupies a place of interest in the living room or at the entrance to a home & is filled with fragrant, colourful fresh flowers or is filled with water in which floating candles or flowers are dispersed aesthetically This elegant urli has been made using high quality brass known for it's beauty & long term durability. Perfect to display floating candles, this brass urli is bound to make your home come alive during festivals such as Diwali. Be it for your Diwali gifting or decor needs, this urli is sure to fit in.    

Weight 0.683 (Kg)     

Diameter (Inches) 10 x Depth (Inches) 3.75 /  Capacity 2.5    

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Follow these steps-fill water in the item (but not to the brim) and put petals of fresh flowers to instantly charm any corner of your room. Easily wipe it with a soft cloth and maintain it without a hassle.  You can simply fill fresh water in that bowl or by floating fresh flower petals in it. fresh Rose petals can also be used in that Urli. In the evening time, you can make small fragmented candles float on the surface of the bowl. It will not only look great but will also give a divine and refreshing feeling in your home.  


Health Benefits   

Even though there are many Vastu products available, Among those Vastu products, a very beautiful product you can choose from is Urli. Urli is basically a bowl that is usually kept in a home by filling water. This bowl can be made up of any material but the most gracious is the one made up of brass. Brass material is itself holy material and also it looks great in any ambiance. As water denotes wealth and so water element should flow inwards as it depicts that wealth also flow towards you. So keeping Bowl filled with water, flowers or lemon kept facing the main door is considered auspicious.    

Artistic Value  

Most of the brass utensils are still handmade, hence it requires skilled artisans to make these utensils. The livelihood of all these artists depends solely on the earnings from these products With every passing year the number of skilled artisans is dwindling considerably.  Every product is exquisitely handcrafted one piece at a time. Slight variations are inherent to handmade products, which makes your purchase truly special and one-of-a-kind.    

Traditional Value  

The Uruli has always been traditional cookware extensively used in South India and commonly made of clay, copper, and bronze. Derived from the Tamil word "Urulai" [உருளை] which means a round bowl, urlis were used in the home for cooking and in Ayurveda to make medicines.  

To clean, use mild soap or castile soap, lime, and salt or Pitambari powder. NOT Dishwasher Safe. Abrasive cleaning pads not recommended. Alternatively, use tamarind, or vinegar for cleaning the brass vessel once

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