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Copper Tope / Patila (with kalhai / Tin Lining) - KB206

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Copper with tin lining is a highly recommended utensil by Ayurveda for cooking food and many modern researches have endorsed the results This copper tope is made with best quality copper and lined with best quality tin, because it is tin lined it is not only safe for all types of food but it also lends additional health benefits of tin, a double bonanza! This tope needs to be tin lined again when the tin lining erodes This is best for cooking all types of vegetables, dals and meat and retains the nutrients of food intact Copper is a very good conductor of heat and spreads the heat even throughout it's surface resulting in best possible cooking Works best when cooked slowly If you want the taste of the food to remain and linger in your mouth, then one must opt for copper utensils. The food tastes so much better when cooked in copper utensils.     

Weight  Small 0.508 (Kg)       
Diameter (Inches) 7  x  Depth (Inches) 3 / (Liters) 1       

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This is best for cooking all types of vegetables, dals and meat and retains the nutrients of food intact If the tope is not tin lined, either avoid using it completely or if it is used do not use acidic substances like tamarind, lemon, vinegar etc. This product can hold heat for long duration, distribute the heat and oil quickly and evenly as you cook, ideal to stir, saute in everyday cooking.  

Health Benefits  

Water stored in a copper vessel (which is known as “tamra jal” in Ayurvedic medicine) balances the three doshas in your body (vata, kapha and pitta) by gently infusing the water with the positive health properties of copper. Water stored in a copper vessel will also become natural alkaline water, which helps balance your body’s pH levels. Accordingly, our copper drinking bottles are also natural alkaline water bottles.     

Artistic Value  

Most of the copper utensils and accessories are still handmade, hence it requires skilled artisans to make these utensils The livelihood of all these artisans depends solely on the earnings from these products With every passing year the number of skilled artisans is dwindling considerably.     

Traditional Value  

Various utensils, accessories and tableware made of copper are in use in kitchens and homes world over for more than thousand years The shine and gleam of this metal are slowly fading away due to the intrusion of the modern ways coming into the place like the nonstick cookware, stainless steel, and other refined alternatives causing an immense loss to health.  

Method 1: Lemon and Salt Together lemon and salt are the most dependable solution to clean brass utensils. Process: Either you can use the lemon/lime slice with juice, or you can use the squeezed lemon slice. Dip the lemon/lime slice in salt and rub it all over the surface of copper vessel (you will see the change in color) Keep it for few seconds and rinse it with water. Only if the utensil is greasy use mild detergent Dry immediately with clean cloth. Method 2: Tamarind Paste Apply tamarind paste all over the brass vessel. Leave it for few seconds and rinse and dry it. Only if the utensil is greasy use mild detergent. Method 3: Prepare salt and vinegar solution paste. Apply it to the surface of the vessel. keep t for a few seconds. (make sure the solution does not dry) Rinse the vessel and dry it. Last but the easiest way of maintaining your traditional vessels is by using Pitambari.

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