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Kasya / Bronze Heavy Thali / Dinner Set (Maharaja) - KB514

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Ayurveda has several references to kansa's therapeutic benefits. The right proportion of copper and tin produces health benefits that have stood the test of time Kansa is man-made yet natural and provides the natural elements of copper and tin which are essential to the proper functioning of the body Kansa is an alloy of copper 78 per cent and tin 22 per cent both heated together up to 700 centigrade to form pure bronze usually used to eat food and drink water from on daily basis which helps enhancing gut health. It is recommended for daily use for deriving health benefits. The copper present in pure kansa reduces inflammation and improves haemoglobin, whereas, the tin strengthens absorption and digestion According to Ayurveda, it enhances intellect Kansa is a good conductor of heat and retains heat well, thereby keeping the food warmer and its contents richer for a longer period of time It is suitable for daily use because it is wear and tear resistant, bright, scratch and wrinkle resistant for decades. It is equally valuable even after damage as almost 90% of all bell metal alloys are recycled Kansa kitchenware is also called the hands of grace.  

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Traditional Kansa dinner plate is perfect for serving the complete Indian meal.Reviving ancient Ayurvedic wisdom through contemporary design. Eating and drinking from alkalinising metals like Kansa alloys provides wellness benefits                             

Health Benefits  

A lifestyle and utilitarian Kansa object, beautifully simple, this bronze thali dinner set is perfect for serving any liquid or dry food.The only condition that you must remember here is keeping from serving sour food in bronze vessels as they react with the metal making the dish toxic and harmful to the human body Anything cooked in a bronze vessel ensures the nutrition of food to be destroyed by no more than three percent. Kansa or Bronze ages beautifully and is an ideal decor. This also makes a wonderful gift for your loved ones.  

Artistic Value  

The process of manufacturing kansa products is transmitted orally from father to son. Metalwork is not simply a form of livelihood for many of the craftsmen who live marginally but carry forward the intricate craft. Their system defines their family and kinship structure, work ethic and status within the social hierarchy of the town.  

Traditional Value  

Kansa Kitchenware has been used since the period of Samhita Kala, or as far back as we know from our recorded history. According to the descriptions given in Ayurveda Prakasha, Kansa Kitchenware is also used for its therapeutic applications The mystery of the metal has been continuously been unfolding since Bronze Age, about 3000 years ago. Ayurveda further taught us that eating and drinking from alkalinising metals like Kansa vessels has wellness benefits for our health and well being  

Lemon and Salt Together lemon and salt are the most dependable solution to clean bronze/kansa utensils Process: Either you can use the lemon/lime slice with juice, or you can use the squeezed lemon slice. Dip the lemon/lime slice in salt and rub it all over the surface of copper vessel (you will see the change in color) Keep it for few seconds and rinse it with water. Only if the utensil is greasy use mild detergent Dry immediately with clean cloth Method 2: Tamarind Paste Apply tamarind paste all over the brass vessel. Leave it for few seconds and rinse and dry it. Only if the utensil is greasy use mild detergent. Method 3: Prepare salt and vinegar solution paste. Apply it to the surface of the vessel. keep t for a few seconds. (make sure the solution does not dry) Rinse the vessel and dry it. Last but the easiest way of maintaining your traditional vessels is by using Pitambari.

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